Many of us are not writers so it might be interesting to hire writers to create blogs, articles or any other document for us. I am introducing the HireWriters website in this article. This service is presently only available in English. The platform is great for people needing articles at low price. It is also great for writers where they can earn money offering their creative services. Discover how this website can be beneficial for you as a client to hire writers or as a service provider.

What is HireWriters

HireWriters is a platform where a person or a business can post writing projects and writers can choose from posted projects on a first come first served basis. The available jobs are listed by categories, sizes, time limits and skill levels. Minimum pricing is set by the application but the client can set a different price.

The platform is a fast paced article creation tool where the delivery time limit varies from 6 hours to 10 days. Animals, business and investment, computer and electronics, comedy, education and travel are examples of the categories available. There are many more.

Services offered

  • Writing: Writing any type of document as requested by the client
  • Rewriting: Rewriting text for a specific purpose, often for SEO.
  • Proofreading: Reviewing a text that was written by someone else and improving it.
  • Blog posting: Writing blogs in accordance with the client’s specifications.
  • Ghost writing: Write text for the client and surrendering the rights to him or her.
  • Copywriting: Write text for advertisement and marketing.
  • Product listings and descriptions: Write product description and information to list on a selling platform.
  • Email swipe: Write reference and inspiring marketing text to create templates that will include tested and proven headlines.
  • Auto response series: Write email or SMS auto responses that will be sent to subscribers. The series will serve as automatic responses in timely fashion and to answer to specific actions from the subscriber.

Hire writers

Client sign-up is free. You have access to the client dashboard where you can set up your account, add money and order projects. You must have at least $10 in your account before you can order a project.

Client Dashboard
Choose a writer. You can choose a specific writer or select a rank for your project. You can select a writer from his or her profile. You will learn about their background, experience and ranking. The different ranks are beginner, general, skilled and expert. Skilled and expert jobs are often picked more quickly.

Pricing. The platform will set the price according to the rank and the length of the document. The amount will vary from $1.85 for a 150-300 word document at a beginner ranking to $60 for a 2001-3000 word document at an expert ranking. The price can be adjusted higher if desired.

Original content. HireWriters guaranties original content. All project created by the writers is analysed by the Copyscape API before it is submitted to a client. A document failing the Copyscape testing will not be allowed and must be corrected before it can be submitted.

Communication. Clients and writers can communicate through the messaging system available on the platform. You are not allowed to give or ask for external contact information.

Article quality. When the writer successfully submits an article, you will have the opportunity to review it. You can reject it, request corrections or approve it. When the document is approved, the writer will be paid. When the delivery is late, the writer is penalized and the project will become available again for other writers. The payment process starts when you order the project. The amount goes in escrow. Approval will move the money to the writer’s account. Rejection will move the money back into your account.

Copyright. When the document is delivered to you, you also get the rights. You can do whatever you want with the article. Post it as a blog, include it on a web page or add it to the content of an e book, for example.

Want to make money writing

If your are a writer, you can make money writing for other people here. You will need to produce a large volume to earn substantial amounts. On the other hand, this site is not as competitive as other platforms since you can choose from a large list of projects on a first come first serve basis. The writer dashboard lets you modify your account, see your ranking and review other statistics about your performance.

Projects are categorized and you will only have access to the ones you are qualified for. All writers are assigned a rank as follows:

Beginner – Everyone starts here.

General – The writer has completed 3 projects and have received an average quality rating of at least 4 stars. The work also needs to be submitted on time on at least 70% of the jobs.

Skilled – The writer has completed 7 projects and have received an average quality rating of at least 4.1 stars. The work also needs to be submitted on time on at least 77% of the jobs.

Expert – The writer has completed 14 projects and has received an average quality rating of at least 4.6 stars. The work also needs to be submitted on time on at least 88% of the jobs.

Writer sign-up is free. The platform is presently accepting writers from the following countries only: United States of America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand. All project are paid in USD. You get paid every Friday if your total is $10 or more.


Hire writers is a fast paced document creation platform. Clients can hire writers by ordering projects and get original contents for their use within periods from 6 hours to 10 days. Writers have access to interesting writing projects. They need to login the site often to choose jobs. There is no limit to the number of articles they work on. They can earn interesting amounts of money with volume.

If you have questions on the HireWriters website or have comments, please use the comment area below and I will reply with pleasure.

– Nicole





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