UpWork LogoAre you a ghostwriter? What does that mean? Ghostwriters write books, articles, movies, stories or any text for someone else. Ghostwriter services are needed all the time. You can become one or you can hire one to write your blogs for example.

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When I lost my job in 2012, I searched the web to find a conventional job. I applied to a fair number of positions and could not find anything. I had a couple of interviews but being over 50 years old, the conventional work market appeared to no longer be for me. I looked at work at home and tried surveys and similar “jobs”. Not satisfying at all.

I continued my search and found 3 online job companies. One I will not talk about here because I did not like the way they treated the workers. The other two merged together and became UpWork.com. This company helped me and my husband get through tough financial stress.

I had document review, English to French translation and other types of jobs. The best one I got was French Customer Service Agent for a large automobile company. I did that full time job for 3 years and now my husband is doing that jobs. One type of jobs I found on UpWork was Ghostwriter.

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When you get really busy writing new blogs and pages on your website(s), you may want to hire a ghostwriter. UpWork is an interface between an employer and the worker (freelancer). Jobs are paid per hour or per job.
UpWork has an interface for employers where you write the details for the work you want done and define a price and when you need it done. Before you create a job, you need to create a profile and prove that you will be able to pay for the freelancer services.

Offering Ghostwriter services

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If you are more interested in making some money writing for someone else, you can become a freelancer. Create a free worker profile with UpWork and then search for a job.
UpWork is an international business and when you start, you will be competing with people from all over the world. Start with a very reasonable hourly rate. You can set the rate higher when you start getting jobs regularly and your profile becomes popular.

UpWork provides tests to prove your knowledge. It is recommended to write the tests related to the type of job you want to do. Make sure you also upload a recent picture. The employers like to see the face of the freelancer they will be hiring.

When I started with UpWork, I noted all the jobs on which I provide a proposal and it took me between 10 and 15 proposals before I got my first job. Be patient and you might get a long term job and a fantastic work relationship with a great employer.

More Information on UpWork

UpWork was born in the Silicon Valley. Two technical leaders were looking for talent to develop a product. A friend of theirs was the perfect fit for this work however he was half a world away. They decided to develop a platform to enable work done in another country.

Web-based platform. The platform they built was so successful that they developed it further to implement the largest worldwide online freelancer website. It promotes visibility and trust into remote work. Businesses have access to a pool of qualified talent and workers find work online.

Millions of jobs posted annually. The platform is powerful. Employers have posted over a million jobs yearly. They have contributed in paying out over a Billion dollars to worldwide skilled freelancers. The worker pool is presently over 3500 and growing.

Trusted by many. Businesses and online freelancers trust UpWork. The platform administrators have proven time after time that the system works. It protects businesses and workers very well. There are many mechanisms to solve disputes, eliminate wrong doing employers and untrustworthy employees. The methods of payments are secured and very efficient.


I like UpWork and I recommend it to people actively looking for work or unhappy with their present jobs. All transactions are paid in US dollars and the money can then be transferred to any bank account anywhere in the World. Employers must prove their financial ability to pay. UpWork does keep a service commission taken from the payment from the employer when the job is completed. This amount is clearly displayed on the employer and on the freelancer screen. This is a nice place to use ghostwriter services or make money being a ghostwriter.

UpWork is an interface between employers and workers and you can access the platform be clicking here.

If you have questions or comments about UpWork, please feel free to use the comment area below. I will give you more information with pleasure.

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– Nicole




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  1. Thank you for this article. Very informative , your having worked with them is definitely a reason to believe what you say about them.I have heard of ghost writers before, but I could never do that kind of work. I struggle to write for my site and I just started. If I ever get the money flowing in I would love to look further in to UpWork .

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have been a freelancer with UpWork for 6 years. I am no longer working full time with them. My husband is now doing that job. UpWork administrators are smart and will help both the employers and the freelancers. When you want to hire someone, they will help you find the best help out there.

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